By Vicki Lawson Carlson, mother of Rachel Carol Carlson, who was stillborn June 20, 1989  
This poem does not rhyme.
I t was not meant to, yet
if, by chance it does-it’s
wonderful... Remember the rhymes.

For rhyming is most always
found in fairy tales and this, my friend,
is real life.

Sometimes real life rhymes, too.
Like when there’s a new baby born,
or your friends give you a surprise party,
or when you’ve just fallen in love for the very first time.

And then when the baby dies,
when your friends misunderstand you,
and your lover becomes a memory,
and all of the rhythm has left you...

You remain. Strong. Hopefu1.
With an abiding peace just in knowing
that poetry days will always be
for those who look for rhymes in their lives.