Dear precious little baby
By Shirlie Coleman Andree 
Dear precious little baby,
I walk for you today,
To share with everyone your love,
in this my special way:
Oh, how I wish that you were here,
to come and tag along,
For little one if you were here
the miles would not seem long.
I know that you would love to see,
the many colored balloons;
And you would love to listen to the
lullabies I croon.
You’d love to see the leaves that fall,
Red, yellow, gold and brown,
You’d roll and toss around in them,
you’d laugh and jump around.
It’s such a lovely time of year-
I wish you could have stayed,
I waited, Oh, so long for you 
So many plans I made;
I still must try to understand
Why God took you away,
But I just know we’ll meet again
some happy, happy day.
For God had other plans you know
He wanted you to be,
His very special baby--
And he’s keeping you for me.
I know that you are happy
Up in heaven’s lovely land,
And someday we will meet again,
together hand in hand;
Then we can walk together
As I walk for you today,
I want the whole world to know
This is your special day.
It really does not matter,
Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall,
Dear baby I still think of you,
Each day your love recall;
I had you such a little while,
But in my heart you’ll always stay,
Look down from heaven precious baby-
I take this walk for you today.