Life and Death
By Jim Cunningham  
How can day in an instant be night?
How can joy in an instant be grief?
How can togetherness suddenly become severed?
How can life suddenly become death?

You were once life and joy!
Love and togetherness!
Innocence and mystery!
Miracle and gift!

How we loved to kiss and cuddle you!
Hold your hand and tickle your feet!
Clothe you and share you!
Si ng to you and, yes,
Even change your diaper.

So much life in that little body!
So many wonderful memories in those few weeks!
So many dreams of years to come!
So much pain now that you have died!

Your life, Your death.
It doesn’t make sense!
It is not fair!
Joy so brief, pain so intense.

Death has robbed me of your life.
But I will not let death take away
The love I feel--the love we shared
The memories--thousands of precious moments
The gifts you freely gave
The lessons you taught.

And, death will not destroy my faith.
Though there is much I question,
In death, I let you go to God
Trust you are well
Believing I will see you again
Praying God will see us through this grief.

You lived life to the fullest, one day at a time.
So, I will take a lesson from you...
And live life to the fullest
One day at a time!

I miss you!
I cry for you!
I remember you! I thank you!
I love you!