My Sweet Baby
By Cathy Alexander 
I wanted to write something very special for you but all I can think is…

Dear God! The DISBELIEF!
What do you mean no heartbeat?
My baby is not growing inside me anymore.

Dear God! The ANGER!
Why does this have to happen?
I want my baby.

Total and complete, it is my tragedy.
Your life was not meant to be.

Dear God! The ACHE!
I ache to hold my baby in my arms,
To love and care for my little one.

Dear God! The REALITY
November 25, 1996 comes and goes,
With an ache in my heart and tears in my eyes.
I will never be the same again…
Dear God!

Cathy and Dan Alexander’s fifth baby miscarried at 8 weeks April 17, 1996.
Her due date was November 25, 1996.
Their children are Stephanie, Daniel, James, and John.