Angel Boy
One day a tiny angel boy
Flew out of heaven’s gate,
He was not discovered missing,
Until it was too late.

Of course, God was most disturbed,
About this precious, little soul,
Who got away from heaven,
Before his time to go.

God’s eye was on this little guy,
Who’d been wonderfully designed,
Though tiny, he was mighty,
He just needed growing time.

But somehow he slipped through the gate,
When the gatekeeper’s back was turned,
And he made it all the way to earth,
With wings too small for his return.

He found a perfect mother,
Whose heart was bigger than he was,
Not even heaven could compete
For such a mother’s love.

The divine love he brought with him,
Was a love direct from God,
For he still belonged to heaven,
Though here on earthly sod.