I Miss You So
By Kathy Messner 
In memory of Kyle (3/14/95) and Brian (3/14/95 to 3/23/95) Messner 

Oh, my sons, I miss you so,
More than you shall ever know.
I try to find the words to say,
How I long for you this day.

Six years ago, God called you home,
Set your spirits free to roam.
Gone are the lives of two little boys.
A stolen future of hopes and joys.

You came and went like a thief in the night,
Carried by angels out of my sight.
Resting in the arms of our Father above,
God sent and created you in His love.

A love that remains and continues to grow,
Despite the sadness and tears that flow.
Longing to be with you and hold you again,
Wishing you had chances to become young men.

And so, I must live with this sorrow inside,
Find some peace in the reasons you died
The reasons aren’t clear; the answers are few,
But I am certain of my love for you.

Love that grows stronger with each passing year,
I feel your presence and know you are near.
One day we’ll meet... and I’ll know you
And you shall know me,
The answers revealed for all to see.

And so, I move forward with hope in my heart
Our lives are united - not really apart.
Watch over me and guide me all the rest of my days,
Help me accept the mystery of God’s ways.