In Loving Memory of Cheyenne “Shawnee” Autumn
In Loving Memory of Cheyenne “Shawnee” Autumn 
In a quiet hillside graveyard
Where the gentle breezes blow
Lies the one we love so dearly
Taken from us four years ago.

Your resting place I visit and put pretty flowers there
No one knows the heartaches
When I have to turn and leave you there.

My heart still breaks with sadness
Tears continue to flow
Oh... what it meant to lose you, no one.... will ever know.

Your music box reminds us, playing quietly throughout,
that you are ever near us, we never have a doubt.

They say time heals all sorrows and helps one to forget
But time so far has only proved,
How much we love you yet.

Each time I look at your beautiful smile in pictures,
And see those beautiful blue eyes
I still stop, and stare, cry and wonder why?

Forever my beautiful granddaughter, until we meet again.
This is your “5th” birthday… no kindergarten, or school
buses, no more hugs or butterfly kisses.

Your birthday, we will never forget.
Just barely 14 months, is all we had to share,
but I will treasure those
Months, my entire lifetime, until we meet again.

Happy Birthday, Shawnee
October 11th, 1997 - November 30th 1998

Forever Loved, Forever Missed
Naa-Naa, Pap & Uncle Bub
Mommy, Daddy & Sister Sierriah