My Wish for Your Fourth Birthday, Samantha
By LeeAnn Morlan 
In loving memory of Samantha Ashley Morlan 
My Wish For Your 4th Birthday, Samantha
As your 4th Birthday quickly approaches,
I think of all we have lost.
Then I think to ask God if I could have your
first year back so you would be here with me.
Oh, how wonderful life would be!
Your first words and steps we would hear.
Little hands to wrap around my neck
and slobbery kisses on my cheek.
Our home would be so complete!
Then, I think to ask God if we could have you till
you turn two or even three.
All the pictures we would take,
All the places we would see,
I think I would never sleep as long
as you were here with me!
I wouldn’t want to miss a second of
precious time given with you.
As your 4th Birthday approaches,
I know I would ask for one more.
This is the year you would start Preschool.
The “Shining Star” you would be.
Everyone would love you.
Your adorable giggles and charm would be
as contagious as can be.
What about Kindergarten?.. I couldn’t miss that!
Then I think al the way to 10.
You’re becoming a little lady.
How pretty you would be.
“The fairest of them all”
What a sight it would be to see.
Maybe you would play dress up with my make-up,
Maybe we’d go shopping and do lunch.
What about “Sweet 16” and driving lessons with Daddy?
That’s the part he’s been waiting for.
Could you stay for that? But wait, there’s more...
As I think about your life and what there could have been,
There is never enough time to have you here again.
Life without you is endless.
Next would come Proms and boyfriends.
Then we would see your graduations.
Perhaps one day, we would see you walk down the aisle.
What a beautiful Bride you would be.
Then I would hope to see you have your own baby.
A “Happy Ending”, I would wish.
For I would never want to see you miss a day
Of absolute bliss.
I would wish you none of the heartache
I have experienced since
that day your soul was set free.
Not a day goes by that I don’t wish
you were here with me.

We’re remembering you on your 4th Birthday in Heaven
Samantha Ashley Morlan
December 8- December 11, 1998