A Simple Life
By Karen Joy Entz 
Adam Paul Entz, 12-16-97 to 8-28-02 
Adam never uttered a word
But he told us he loved us in a million different ways
He never learned to walk
But took our hands and led us down a country road
Adam never read a book
But understood more than most about life
He may have touched more lives than most
Although his life was brief

He took joy in life’s simple pleasures
Like strawberry milkshakes, the rain or a long bath
Swimming was the highlight of the day
He had no need to fight over toys
He watched and laughed as others played
And…he had his slinky

His laugh was infectious, coming from somewhere deep down inside
His smile contagious
His drool unrelentless
His sounds often screeching
His appetite ravenous
His banging never-ending
Our house was Adam-proofed
For he was the best escape artist
And never lost a chance
But we shall miss every single one of these things for they were Adam too

He never wanted to waste a moment
Often staying awake far into the night
He lived his life to the fullest
And we’re sure never had a regret
He fought death; like sleep
With every fiber of his being
He wanted to stay with those who loved him so
Even trying one last time to check out his slinky!
But when it was finally time to go
He slipped quickly and quietly
For there was a whole new world to explore
Just waiting there for him.

For those he’s left behind
We are so aware
That his simple little life
Was a light that shone
Far into the darkness
And brightened oh so many lives
Like an angel unaware