To Mother and Father (On the loss of their baby)
By Father L. J. Flynn 
There’s a corner up in Heaven
Where the little babies play
And Our Blessed Mother watches
All throughout the live long day
They’re a happy lot, these babies
Sure the reason’s very plain.
For they’ve missed the world’s contagion
Came unscathed, without its pain.
‘Tis an angel band they call them,
And you should happy be
You’re the parents of an angel,
‘Cause your baby’s there, you see.
Yes, and smiling down upon you
With an innocence sublime:
Waiting, Watching for the parents
It will meet again in time.
You should never be rebellious,
Rather thank a loving God
For your little guardian Angel,
As along life’s way you plod.
With a faith that never falters,
Clasping each other’s hand.
Pledge yourselves to meet your baby
In that better happy land.