Stolen Moments
By Emily Hughes ~ May 5, 2002 
I got to see my belly getting larger.
I got to see my babies on a screen.
I got to feel them moving inside me.
I got to experience the feeling of them kicking.
While that is amazing,
What I lost is even great.
I had the honor of giving birth,
But not the privilege of bringing them home.
I will never get to hold them alive.
I will never hear their first words,
See their first steps,
Or watch them grow.
I will never get to hug them,
Comfort them and protect them.
I will never get to hear them
Tell Mommy and Daddy how much they love them.
I will never get to experience the adventure
Of being a mother of twins.
In my heart, I’m a mother,
But in reality I’m not.
I will never know how they would have
looked and been like.
But I did get to learn sacrifice,
And I will always be able to love them.