Mother’s Day
By Judy A. Sittner 
Another Mother’s Day!
But a different one this year.
For you see, I am a mother,
but my child isn’t here.

I am a mother who is hurting
for this child who was dear,
as I face this and other occasions,
each and every year.

I am a mother who feels emptiness
over and over again,
because I miss THIS child
and all that could have been.

I am a mother who cared
as I watched my child grow,
and truly loved her more
than anyone will ever know.

I am a mother who is thankful
for the miracle of birth
and all my child has taught me
about life and my own self-worth.

I just can’t stop being a mother
just because my child isn’t here,
because the love we had for each other
will continue for years and years.

And so…
On this special “Mother’s” day,
I will feel within my heart
all the pride, love and joy
which are the parts
that make me who I am,
and what I’ll always be-
just remember that…