She Would Have Been Two
In memory of Susannah Pender 
Our little girl
Would have been
She’d have eyes
I know of the clearest blue
Like both her folks
She’d be toddling
She’d be rolling
Jumping too
Our little girl
Who would have been
Susie Pooh,
You’d have been
On a warm spring day,
I’d throw a party
Just for you
With cake and ice cream
Presents too
You could make a mess
Like all of us do
When we are
A party in the park
With swings and bars,
Hot dogs on the bbq
You could eat one,
Our girl who’d have been
Mommy loves you Susie Pooh
My special baby
Who’d have turned
For Susannah Pender
Due April 11, 2003
Died August 30, 2002