Circle of Life
Jennifer Veum – mom to angels  
In loving memory of Baby 1, Baby 2, Michael Paul Jr. (Mick), Katelyn Marie 

My dear baby girl, you have taught me so much
Life is so fragile for us here on earth
Hopes and dreams not always to be
Sadness is there, but you are a part of this journey with me
I see the beauty your short life has given
Visions of happiness, tranquility, freedom
You are with me always, your spirit has risen
Your transformation brings peace
I trust in the Lord
New life for you, rebirth to Heaven
So fly away my sweet butterfly
Soar through the air
Your spirit touches my heart, your presence is there
Never gone, never forgotten
Simply renewed
Delicate life continues on
Such is the Circle of Life, as they say.
By Jennifer Veum ~
Mom to angel baby #1 (5/01, 5 weeks), angel baby #2 (7/01, 8 weeks),
Michael Paul Jr. (Mick) (6/18/02), Katelyn Marie (2/16/05, 16 weeks)