I Saw You Today
By Kara Newland 
In loving memory of Maia Grace Newland 

I saw you today
I saw you today in the sunset.
You were a beautiful mixture of pink and orange.
I was amazed at your beauty.
All I could do was stare.

I saw you today in the clouds.
You floated and danced in the wind.
You briefly covered up the sun,
And I saw your shadow on the mountains.

I saw you today in a rainbow,
Through a tiny window of the airplane.
As we turned and you were gone,
Your brother reminded me that you’re always with us.

I saw you today everywhere I went.
You were the little girl at the park,
You looked at me through Daddy’s eyes at dinner time,
Your light burns brightly in the candle on our dinner table.

I saw you today.
I’ll see you tomorrow.
I’ll hold you in Heaven.
In loving memory of Maia Grace Newland, January 17, 2004