By Dan Butler 
In loving memory of Mya Nicolosi’s 5th birthday! 
All my life I had never known
Love so pure until I brought you home
It was the brightest day that I have been shown
And I knew I would never have to be alone

We lived and laughed and I watched you grow
I never seen such a miracle
I thanked my stars and the heavens above
I thanked my God for sending me your love

Then the sun set down on a beautiful day
And quicker than you came you flew away
I wish I could follow to where you have flown
But I’ll wait down here till it’s time to go home

It’s hard You know just to carry on
These days and night they seem so long
The only thing that is my saving grace
Is knowing someday that I’ll see your face

So for the rest of my life your memory
Will have to be enough to carry me
And I’ll live my life the best I can
Until I find you in my arms again

Mimi Loves you and Misses you