Thought of Love
By Peter Grayson, Joel’s daddy 
In memory of Joel Albert Grayson 
You touched me, you held me
You held all of me in your tiny hand
Your hand was wrapped around my finger
but it was you, who had me wrapped around your finger
For I was in heaven while holding you

You opened your eyes, and opened my eyes
Looking into your blue, blue eyes I could now see
Little boy, you are the sunshine of my life
Changing my life forever, giving new meaning
Your gaze and bright light…continue on in my new life

You are always with me, safe in my heart
Your soft skin, your hair, your scent…I miss you so much
You are always near even though we are apart
Tears of pain, tears of memories that mean so much
I love you and miss you Joel, you are always in my heart

By Peter Grayson, Joel’s daddy
In memory of Joel Albert Grayson, August 27 – October 8, 1999