In God’s Memory
By Randy Reynolds 
As I sit and watch the sun rise,
I think of all I have with me.
As I stare at the stars in the skies,
I dream of what will be.
Soon I will have a brand new baby,
Although the future I cannot see.
I can imagine a beautiful girl
With brown hair and brown eyes
With rosy cheeks and a head full of curls.
I hold my new little one.
She wraps her hand around my finger
And I caress the tiny hand with my thumb.

Now the time has come and gone
For our new baby to arrive.
We know from God she was sent
And for the brief moment she touched our lives,
We will love her an eternity.
As I held her in my arms only for a little while,
Hoping to look down on her and see a smile.
That would not be,
Not at this time and place you see.
But my hope is a future time
When God will bring her back to me.
You see there is no safer place
Than to be in God’s memory.