Shining Light
by Carrie Fisher-Pascual  
Written in honor of Elena Rebekah Pascual, daughter of Carrie & Jonathan Pascual, stillborn at 21 weeks on August 1, 2002 
Your life within
So enriched my life without.

You introduced me to new love.
I felt it as I touched your tiny hand,
I saw it in the eyes all around you.
But I didn’t understand.

Your quiet stillness
Said you were gone
But the perfection of you
Said God was there all along.

There was no time that day
To share the dreams,
The moments lost, the life.
But you were there.

My tears spoke longing,
Such sorrow
Knowing you’d be absent
From every tomorrow.

But even in your still silence
Your miracle of life,
Like a radiant light, shone
Reaching far to others left...Alone.

Days pass, time travels fast
But what remains
Is the missing you.

Yet, I can joy
For you were with me then,
And now… In all I do.

Your life within
So enriched my life without.