By Auntie Em 
In loving memory of Gabby Seiler 
I was told a story
That I know for sure is real
It’s about a special angel
And her love for a pinwheel

Gabby is the angel’s name
A precious little girl
And when she’s blowing kisses
The wheel begins to twirl

The breeze it blows so gently
The wheel begins to spin
Reminds me of her sweetness
With every gust of wind

Gabby’s life was shortened
When God came with his LOVE
He took her by her little hand
And showed her the heavens above

It broke our hearts to see her go
Our love for her, so pure
But one day in heaven, we’ll meet again
This I know for sure

We always have reminders
That her spirit still lives on
By moving her mommy’s mouse around
Or playing her special song

But one reminder in particular
Stands out from all the rest
It’s the spinning of a pinwheel
Makes my heart pound in my chest

I love you so much Gabby
Much sadness is what I feel
And when I need to know you’re here
I’ll just look for a pinwheel.
In loving memory of Gabby Seiler, January 2, 2003, daughter of Jennifery Lowes-Seiler, neice of Auntie Em