A Child I Never Knew
By Joseph H. Simertz 
In loving memory of Sean Patrick Lehn, July 30, 2003 – December 8, 2003 
A Child I never knew
Taught me a lesson true
The brother of my daughter and son
Told me the angry heart must be done

A Child I never knew
Home to heaven he flew
On wings of eagles he soared
Leaving behind those adored

This child who I never knew left me asking,
Told me something with his passing
“Have you done all you can
Bitter hard-hearted old man?”

“There are those left behind me who matter”
This child said to me, as people gathered
“Are you right with the children of the Lord?”
“HE is watching, what is in your heart stored?”

This child I never saw living
Taught me much about forgiveness and giving
Much like our Savior he’s with today
“Let me know you by your love,” we say

A child I never knew
Cut through my heart’s self-inflicted blues
Of built up petty jealousies
Court decisions and self-centered melodies

A child I never met
Told me to lay down sin’s debt
Ease the sorrows and burdens,
the pain and grief
With the simple Christian belief

Salvation waits beyond, on those golden streets
“There we’ll get to finally meet”
This child I never knew
To be with The Father he flew