Life Goes On
By Dana Gensler 
In memory of Lindsay Nicole Gensler, May 23, 1989 – May 25, 1989 
Two years have passed since you went away,
Since you changed our lives around.
I thought we would never live again
When we laid you in the ground.

But we have a brand new baby now.
Her name is Katie Rose.
I love everything about her, too,
Even her thumbs and toes.
Her birth day was a happy day,
But I mourned it in a way.
I couldn’t help thinking, secretly,
“She, too, will die someday.”

I look at her and remember you;
For the first three weeks I cried
There would never have been a Katie Rose
If our Lindsay hadn’t died.

We’ve also built a brand new house.
We’ve planted nine new trees.
Melissa’s through the “terrible twos”;
We can’t believe she’s three!

Your Daddys has a better job;
I think he’ll stay awhile.
And me? I feel some “happy” now,
I can think of you and smile.

Christopher’s becoming quite a man;
He plays the piano like a star.
But I guess you already know all this
Considering where you are.

It’s amazing how life keeps marching on
since you went to live above,
But one thing we’ll always owe to you:
You taught us how to love.