Our Little One
By The Mitchells – Bobby, Darla, and Hannah 
We made special dreams for you,
Hoping that they would come true.

But God had another plan, so he came along,
To take you to his loving home.

And although you never got to grow and be…
You’ll always be another special baby in our family.

Your big sister wants to say,
How she loves you and talks about you every day.

There won’t be a day that we won’t miss,
Even though we never got to hold and kiss.

When we gaze upon the brightest stars,
We’ll know that you’re not very far.

We know that you’re safe and we will meet again,
In our hearts you’ll stay till the end.

Until then, stay where the angels sing, beside the Might King,
And know that one day we will all be with you…Elijah Gene