Be Truthful in Grief
By Sharon Cryor 
Just be honest with me,
Don’t tell me it’s going to be all right.
You don’t know that,
And I don’t believe that.

Tell me you don’t have the answers ...
Because nobody does.
Don’t tell me God is punishing me,
Or testing me,
Or making me stronger.

God didn’t kill everyone else’s babies.
Why should I be singled out?
I’m no better or worse than the rest.
Life is not fair or just,
Sometimes it does not make a bit of sense.

Are you so arrogant to believe,
That you have the answers that scholars,
Have sought for so many lifetimes?

Just be my friend,
Just hold my hand,
And tell me the Truth.
Tell me that you are sorry,
tell me that you can’t fix it,
Tell me I did nothing to deserve the death of four babies.

Tell me I will be a good mother,
Even if my body cannot bring our own baby into the world.
Tell me that you love me and,
You believe in hope for the future,
Because I’m too weak to believe that right now.