For Elizabeth
By Blake Westfall 
Yesterday, your big sister threw
three pennies in a fountain.
She called her wishes out in turn,
the first was for your quick return.
I started to explain that you could not
but stopped because I know not
Whether you can or whether you can’t.
I like her wish a lot, so I stopped.
Whether that wish could
come true or not,
You don’t have to come back because
you never left
Our hearts.

I know your tremendous fighting spirit,
the spirit only I knew so well, is gone
But the memory of you
will linger on.
Your father and I held your little body
with such sadness for your passing
And such joy and pride
in your beauty and grace.
Why were you taken away
when you promised so much joy?
Why were you taken away
when we all wanted you so?
I guess we’ll never know.

Love from all of us,
Mom, Dad and Veronica