So Many Plans…
By Karen Downen 
I had so many plans for you!

Your cherished teddies room in pink and blue,
Your tiny little clothes all folded or hung.
I was ready for lullabies to be sung.
I love your mommy and did all I could,
Awaiting your arrival, our life was so good.

I had so many plans for you!

To watch you grow and guide your views,
To “spoil you rotten” as grandmas do.
I was so ready and Grandpa was too,
But God had His own special plans for you.

As you entered this world, only then we knew,
We held you and kissed you for such a short time
As Angels came forward, I thought it a crime,
God called you to Heaven, to be with him there,
And I’ll never hold you in that rocking chair.

God holds your precious innocence in
His warm embrace.
But, Oh!...Samantha Grace…

I had so many plans for you!

You’ll never be forgotten,
You’ll always be loved,
And one day I’ll see you,
And hold you in heaven above.