Bring Coleman Home To Me…
by Aunt Patti 
For Coleman ~ March 24, 1993 
From heaven the angels came the night of March 24, 1993.
A special journey directed of God, “Bring Coleman home to me.
I know his time was short on earth; that’s how I intended it to be.
I created him or a special task, it’s completed, now go, bring Coleman home to me.”

“I put him in a home where I knew he would be loved,
And through him I proved to his momma and daddy how strong that love could be.
I taught a sister and a brother how to care for one so small,
And with no jealousy in their hearts they grew to love him with their all!”

there are but a few memories of Coleman in our lives: his sweet smile, the twinkle in his crystal blue eyes, his laugh and his cry. He created a place in our hearts he made so bright. He was his Daddy’s price and his Momma’s joy. He made us glad he has given us the greatest gift of all. One day, not too far away, if we have met Jesus, the angels will be sent from heaven to get each of us.

Our circle becomes smaller day by day, but there is a tomorrow that will be brighter because of the hope Jesus gave us of that eternal day.
On that day we will sing the unsung songs and tell the untold stories; there will be no tears, no pain. What wondrous joy fills our hearts to think about that day when, in heaven, our circle will be completed and with Coleman we will forever be. Clutched in his tiny hands, he carried to heaven the only things he had here on earth, the joy he gave to each of us, the happiness in his eyes and the pure love that only a baby can give.

“Yes,” God said. “I know his time was short,
but I gave them time to see
How much I truly love them!
Now go, bring Coleman home to me.”

Coleman Blake Hall went to be with Jesus March 24, 1993. Coleman died from SIDS