A Poem for Joshua
By Joanie Sluhl 
A beautiful child, fair of face
A Mother’s love, a warm embrace
A Father’s strength, yet gentle to touch.
This child knows he’s loved very much.

A love so new, and so pure,
He hears you, I am sure.
For where he is, there Is no doubt
The angels sing and trumpets shout.

For God is there to guide his way,
To bless his soul in a loving way.
Our hearts are empty, but in its place.
Is a beautiful child, fair of face.

For nothing beautiful can ever be forgotten.

Love, happiness and peace in heaven.

Love, Joanie.

Joanie Sluhl, a high school friend of Joshua’s mother, wrote this poem.

Joshua Sealine, son of Donna and Danny Sealine, was born November 22, 1996 and died April 2, 1997 from endocardial fibroelastosis.