This is How I Remember you From Head to Toe
Donna Sealine 
Golden spun hair like strands of gold
Big blue eyes that sparkle and shine like stars
A button nose so cute.

Those precious lips that daddy loved to kiss
And once in a while would smile at us.

Your hands so gentle touching each other and
Reaching out to touch Mommy’s face.
Your chubby legs pushing with such strength and determination.

Those tiny toes I just wanted to gobble up
And then your voice of little babbles-so sweet!
I wanted to hear more…

For this is how I remember you from head to toe
Always in my heart and mind –
Forever in my life.


Joshua Sealine, son of Donna and Danny Sealine, was born November 22,1996 and died April 2, 1997 from endocardial fibroelastosis.