Forever, No More
Rosalind Roland 
Bring me a shroud,
Light, yet warm,
In which to lay my sweet baby down.

Carve me some wood,
Hard, yet fine,
To keep him from the cold, wet ground.

Let the sun sink,
This endless day,
It shines too bright and warms me not.

And then at last,
Invite the night,
In which to hide my endless tears.

Written after Conan Carollan Hayes (10/19/96 -10/25/96) died of renal failure following extreme prematurity (26 weeks. 14 oz., 9-3/4 in.) due to pre-eclampsia. Survivied by his twin, William (1 lb. 14 oz., 12-3/4 in.) older siblings, Emmet, Andrew, James, Kathleen, Chloe, and mother and father, Stephen and Rosalind.