Christmas 1993
Margie Erbe 
Danny’s first Christmas in Heaven.
What glorious sights he must see
As he sings with the saints and the angels
And worships your Majesty.

The hearts of his family are broken.
We so miss this dear one we love.
Holy Spirit, give us peace and comfort.
Keep our eyes fixed on Heaven above.

Through our tears constantly falling,
We struggle each day to get through.
Thank you, Lord, for helping and loving.
How do people survive without you?

We rely on your words of encourage,
Your presence to sense when we pray.
My dear Jesus, have compassion,
Give us purpose for each new day.

Danny’s first Christmas in Heaven.
Praise God, he was faithful to you!
Help us finish the race, sharing Christ with the world,
Our faith always steadfast and true.

In loving memory of Danny,
Margie Erbe