A Seed Was Sown
A Poem by Heather (last name withheld at authors request)  
This poem is dedicated to all Mothers who Have lost, grieved and loved the children, who live in eternal peace and happiness.  
A seed was sown, deep within the
warm depths of my womanhood, he
flowered and flourished, in beautiful
innocence, nourished with undying

He drank of our intoxicating joy,
knowing only comfort and warmth.
His new and tender leaves began to
unfurl, like those of a springtime

Now, my little flower has gone to
another garden, a place eternally
peaceful, where warm springtime
sun will always shine, and a place
where winter snow cannot crush his
delicate petals.

I fill the cold emptiness of my soul
with memories of the time he did
grace my womb, and I will always
hold a special little patch of flowers,
in a secret garden of my heart.
A 17 year old who experienced a miscarriage