By Kathy L. Schmucker, “Mom” 
In loving memory of our Beloved Twins, Jason and Christopher 
Such joy in our hearts
when we first saw you both.
Two hearts beating away
on the ultrasound screen.
It’s twins! Could it be? Your daddy
so proud.
Our joy more than doubled.
Two babies. Twice blessed.
My sweet little twins, we long for
you both.
Our dreams are shattered.
Your cradles stay empty.

Your only world within my womb.
Your lives may have been short,
But your love touched our souls.
I cherish the footprints you’ve left on
our hearts.
We gazed upon your sweetness
As I held you both in my arms.
Two tiny little babies, so precious in
every way.
As we said hello to you, we also said
Those moments with you are a
Sweet dreams my sons.
In heaven, one day, we’ll hold you