Love and a Rose
By Karen M. Fye 
One rose dies in the morning sun,
One bud blooms, a new life begun.

To the rose should we go when our love
passes on,
Can you see the new life our hearts wait upon?

The dreams and the memories,
mere shadow of time,
They flow as we ponder the dance through our minds.

And dance we must, to do life's flow
To go on and completely let go.

Inside is a well with a spring, ever deep
Climbing up, up, up, as we struggle to keep
Our dreams tossed and blown,
by a merciless wind
To a place we can not see, nor can we enter in.
Hope forever lives in this world of brokenness
And brings promises of peace to our
Like the rose as it grows and becomes a
teaching friend
Life ends.
But it begins and starts all over again.
Love never dies, nor brings to an end
A life and its dreams; live on, my friend.
Used with permission from Bereavement Magazine.