When I Finally Come to Glory
Fran Morgan 
In loving memory of my beloved son, Peter, on his forty-first birthday in Heaven, March 21, 1999 
I need a favor, Blessed Mother,
Could you help me with this, please?
It's concerning your Son, Jesus.
So I'm asking on my knees.

When I finally come to Glory,
And I reach the Promised Land,
I envision Jesus smiling,
Reaching out His Loving Hand.

He will be so glad to see me,
When at last I will arrive,
For I proclaim His name on earth,
Every day that I'm alive.

He will want to keep His promise,
Bring me straight to Father God,
And to the Holy Spirit,
But Mother, this is hard.

I know to supplicate myself,
Is what They expect,
That I'll salaam, adore His face,
Give my King His due respect.

But my child will there cheering,
As I come through Heaven's Gate.
And You know my heart's desire,
And how long I've had to wait!

I'm afraid that when I see my son,
I'll forget the protocol,
I'll race to hold him in my arms,
Bypassing One and All.

We will smile and laugh together,
And dance around with glee!
To kiss his face and touch his curls,
Is what Heaven means to me.

Will you, my Blessed Mother,
Please explain me to Your Son?
Because you have a Mother's Heart
You know to whom I'll run!

Make it right with my Creator,
And please tell The Trinity,
I'm concerned that I'll fly past them
When my precious child I see!

I don't want to shock the Angels,
Or to scandalize the Saints,
Nor have my day of glory be
The day all Heaven faints.

I have borne what God has sent me,
Praised and thankful Him
through Life's worst.
And if Heaven is my just reward,
Let me see my baby first!

Then I'll hear the angel's singing
As I praise God with my boy,
To be finally reunited,
With my Son, and God of joy.