My Sweet Angel
Marissa Simertz, Age 13 
Dedicated to my baby brother- Sean Patrick Lehn, On his First Birthday 
My sweet Angel once so dear, now is gone far from here.
My sweet Angel that I love, has gone to be an Angel above.
My sweet Angel that I miss, I wish I could have one more kiss.
My sweet Angel that made me smile, I won't see for quite awhile.
My sweet Angel that I bathed and I fed and I dressed, when he was alive we all felt so blessed.
My sweet Angel that I adore, I cannot take care of anymore.
My sweet Angel with eyes so blue, I held you in my arms and love you true
My sweet Angel was so curious, he made small things seem so mysterious
My sweet Angel squealed with joy and he played with his gym and his ducky, I felt so happy, so proud and so lucky.
My sweet Angel with such handsome looks, loved to listen to me read him books
My sweet Angel with one dimple so charming and sweet, giggled and laughed when I play with his feet.
My sweet Angel dancing with mom to Sheryl Crow, as a funny a sight as you'd ever know
My sweet Angel with so much hair, has left my heart broken, empty and bare
My sweet Angel with a face aglow, did you ever know how I loved you so?
My sweet Angel who I watched being born, I never would have thought I would soon have to mourn
My sweet Angel we slept curled together at night, with you next to me everything felt right
My sweet Angel who never said goodbye, I still don't understand why you had to die
My sweet Angel who died of SIDS, why does this thing have to kill little kids?
My sweet Angel I dreamt we'd both one day be married, but at age twelve I had to watch you be buried
My sweet Angel took to heaven only his soul, but left my heart here with a big gapping hole
My sweet Angel who touched my life so, I don't really know why you had to go
My sweet Angel you were so small and so new, and we still had so much left to do
My sweet Angel who seemed so tough, didn't we watch you carefully enough?
My sweet Angel I'm sorry I did anything wrong, but I pay for your help in keeping me strong
My sweet Angel it hurts so very much, to have a baby brother that I can no longer touch
My sweet Angel it's not fair, it's not fair, it's not just, it's not right don't you see, I want you back now, I want you with me
My sweet Angel anger, sadness and fear are constant reminders that you were once here
My sweet Angel you miss all the holidays, yet we celebrate them for you at the cemetery anyways
My sweet Angel it's sometimes hard to even say your name,, everything's now different and will never be the same
My sweet Angel even though you're not here, your memories I hold oh so very dear
My sweet Angel can you hear me when I speak to you now? And are you being cared for in heaven somehow?
My sweet Angel why you left I'll never be sure, But I do know I pray they'll soon find a cure
My sweet Angel, Sean, I still love you so, I will never forget you, I just wanted you to know
My sweet Angel, as I look at he sky for your star, and whisper "Goodnight Moon", I cannot help but let myself cry and wonder "why did you have to become and Angel so soon?"