A Holiday Prayer
By Darcie Sims 
Thank you for life. For its good times and bad
Thank you for love, even when I can’t feel it
Thank you for the love I used to share
For the arms that held me tight
Thank you for my family
In faraway places, in different times
Thank you for the songs we sang
For the dreams we saved
For the smile we shared
Thank you for the strength that eludes me just now
Thank you for the weakness that sends me to my knees
Thank you for the searching, the reaching, the hoping
Thank you for the bonds of memory that hold me in place
Even when I don’t believe in it anymore
Forget what it is all about
Thank you, most of all, for having been blessed with the love I have
Even now when I fear I will forget it.
Thank you for the memory and for filling it full measure for me
It wasn’t nearly long enough, but it will have to do.
Thanks for the moments we danced.
Thanks for the little while…