By Pam Fernandes 
I keep asking where are you Jacob…where are you?
I can’t feel you sweetie…where are you?
How can you be here one minute and gone forever the next?
How is it my heart was so full…now it echoes with emptiness?
My blood once nourished you with its warmth and love,
now flows like a cold desolate stream: void of life.
My heart is beyond aching…a pain so forceful…it hasn’t a name.
It barely beats…for all that is left are distant memories.
I scream!!!...and nothing is heard. The silence is so loud…
It rocks all of Heaven…and the Angels cry.
Only a select few hear the screams
as it burrows in the depths of their souls…
Where are our children???...We keep asking…
We can’t feel you anymore…where are you?