Heavens Little Angels
By Marnie Narloch 
Zachary Scott Narloch, December 31, 1994 – February 8, 1995 
I will never forget the warmth I felt the
day I was blessed with you in my life.
You were the most beautiful little
angel I could have ever hoped for.
Holding you cheek to cheek, listening
to the beating of your heart and feeling
the warmth of your breath on my skin.
You were everything I had ever
dreamed of. I enjoyed all the moments we had together. I tried to
be there for you when you needed a loving hand or someone
to care for all your needs. In exchange you would grip your
little hands onto mine, and look deep into my eyes and
smile. The warmth and happiness you have me fulfilled my

Then the Lord called upon you to be His little helper. He
held out his hand and you gripped your little hand onto His
and left without a tear.

When I realized you had gone, my body was filled with
sorrow, emptiness and pain. I wish we had more time
together, one more smile or just one more touch. I have
cried a million tears even though I know you’re in a place of
peace and happiness. Day after day I try to accept the Lord
calling on you (my little Angel). I take life and strive for
happiness one day at a time, and still years later I think of
you day after day and wonder if you’re still watching over me,
and wishing you peace.

(Marnie Narloch)