A letter to Lukas and Jordan
By Cathy Dardeen  
Lukas Martin Dardeen, miscarried at 11 weeks on February 4, 1991 and Jordan Lee Dardeen miscarried at 12 weeks on September 20, 1991, are the children of Denny and Cathy Dardeen and brother and sister to Amanda, Matthew and Joshua. 
Dear Lukas and Jordan,

Several years have come and gone since you left us. Time has helped to ease the pain and sadness, but you are both always just a thought away. As impossible as it once seemed, we have moved on with our lives, but have taken you with us always. Many times I try to imagine who you would have looked like and wonder how different my family would be if you were here. Many things remind me of you – babies, songs, other children who would have been your age. Today as the school bus stopped at our home, I am reminded that there should be two more children getting on to begin a new school year.

We were left with few mementos of your brief lives and have tried to create our own memories of you. We celebrate your birthdays and remember you at all holidays. I wear a ring and necklace with your birthstones along with those of your sister and brothers. Our home has many angel pictures and figurines because they remind us of you.

Although you were with me only a short time, you have given me many gifts and enriched my life. Because of you I began attending SHARE support group meetings. Through SHARE I have met other parents whose child has died. Being able to share you with other parents has helped to keep your memory alive for me.

I only hope you know how much you are loved and thought of. You are often on my mind and forever in my heart.