Acts of Kindness for Noah and Abigail
Beth & Eric Brandt 
This Christmas season we are also taking time to remember and honor the promise we made to Noah and Abigail – to do good and make a difference for other in their memory! We hope you will once again help us with our “Acts of Kindness” project. Last Christmas would have been unbearable had it not been for Abby and Noah’s stockings filled to the brim with the kid deeds done for others in their memory. We are so thankful for the two days we had with Abby and Noah, although they are still missed, we are able to talk about our memories of them and smile. Your letter and kind deeds gave us an opportunity to talk not just of the sadness, but of the joy that Noah and Abigail brought to our lives. Thank you so much!

Eric and I have decided that this project of completing “Acts of Kindness” will be a tradition we will do every Christmas season in memory of our children. If you would like to participate just do a kind deed for someone and write a letter or note addressed to Abby and Noah Stocking. Send them to us using the contact information below. The notes will be place in their stocking and then opened Christmas morning. It has meant so much to both Eric and I to have your support through out the last couple of years as we try to keep Abby and Noah’s memory alive. We also hope that by doing “Acts of Kindness” you will received a gift as well – for it is our true belief that in giving you receive much more than you give.

Below is a sampling of the many kind deeds done in memory of Abby and Noah.

Cash donations where given to Infants Remembered In Silence (IRIS), homeless pet programs, local food shelves, CROSS, food for the poor, St. Jude’s research hospital, first book, Toys for Tots, Salvation Army buckets, March of Dimes, children’s miracle network, sponsorship of an Indian orphanage, church, giving money for school lunches for a family struggling with bills.

Other wonderful “Acts of Kindness” include giving a pair of mitten to a little boy on the playground that had none on a cold winter day, sponsoring a family – provided gifts for a single mom and her son, sponsoring children through the giving tree, passing by the “good” parking spot leaving it for the next car during peek shopping time, buying lunch for the person in back of you at the drive through of a restaurant, carrying an elderly women’s bags to the car, helping a friend from work get to the doctor and being there when the diagnosis come back as cancer, being Santa Clause for a local elementary students, donating hair to locks of love, sitting/visiting with the elderly, helping a fellow teacher during her breaks from school, opening countless doors for strangers, provided childbirth classes for two mother who couldn’t afford them, making an effort to say hello to every person met on the street or in the store, making cookies and giving them to those who don’t do any baking, typing recipes for a lady who wanted to make a keepsake cookbook for her grandchildren, making something for a friend when buying something would have been simpler, and transporting a friend’s children all week long.

Friends, thank you for helping us – if you think this list was amazing – the letters you wrote us brought us such joy in knowing that Abby and Noah’s life will have served a great purpose and made a huge difference in our world. We love you all for your support and we hope you will take some time to help us again this year and every year as we take a few moments out of the busy holiday season and remember Abigail and Noah.

Thank you!

Eric and Beth
Have you done a kind deed in memory of your child? Has someone else honored your child with such a deed? If so, please share your story with us. We will try to include your story in this section of the IRIS website and will add your kind deed to the list below.