A Nurse’s Tribute to Megan
By Terri Vander Jagt 
To Megan Noelle Applebee 
Dear Megan Noelle Applebee, I write to you today, but the simple word “good-bye” is just so hard to say. For you see, I was your nurse on admission day, and several other times during your hospital stay. You were such a special gift, sent from God above, granted to your parents, and surrounded with their love. They cared so much about you, it was evident to all, they’d ask all kinds of questions, and for updates they would call. And your big sister Courtney, she was so cute you know, saying “I love you” at the bedside and then kisses she would blow. You’d listen to your music box, and your calmness we’d admire, and now you are a member of the eternal Angelic choir. I want you to know, you touched my heart, right from the very start, and the memories I have, will always play a special part. It’s hard for us, who are left behind, to fully understand, but we trust God, in his wisdom, and his eternal master plan. And although your life was very short, you touched us one and all, but soon it was your time, and you were Heaven called. For you see, God is Almighty, he created you and me, and when he calls us home again, with Him we go to be. We did our best to care for you, within the scope of our position, but thankfully, you’re now in the care of the one true Great Physician.
Megan Noelle Applebee was born on August 14, 1996, with Downs Syndrome and a heart defect. She experienced heart failure at 2 weeks of age, spent over 3 weeks in Intensive Care and died on September 20, 1996. Her family, parents Richard and Margaret Applebee and three year old sister Courtney, also includes her siblings in Heaven, Brandon, Stephanie and Lindsey.