To My Son
By Donna Sealine 
To Joshua Sealine 
You are my sunshine in the morning my moonlight in the evening
First thoughts and last thoughts of my day are of you.
I kiss you good morning I kiss you good night
You are with me always, my precious son.

The only reason I believe that I go on is
Because of you holding my hand, saying
“Mommy, it’s ok to go on.”
The same as I would have done to guide you.
And because of the love your father and I share
It was and is so strong. We only wanted to share it with you.

I wanted to hear you say, “Mommy.”
To give me a hug,
To kiss your boo-boos all gone,
To read you stories and
Chase away the boogie man under your bed.
All the precious things that a mother looks
Forward to doing.
I would have done this and anything for you my son.
I think about these things and so much more every day.
I say, “I should be doing this with you now or that with you now.”

I see other moms
Oh, the pain is so bad.
Your daddy is going through the same things.
We miss you terribly and long for you every minute
Of every day.

You are our son. Nothing can take that away.
You are our little Angel and will be with us wherever
We go for the rest of our lives.

Love always and forever,
Joshua Sealine, son of Donna and Danny Sealine, was born November 22, 1996 and died April 2, 1997 from endocardial fibroclastosis.