Grief is Overwhelming ~ A Letter To Family and Friends
Dear Family and Friends,

Someone I love has died. I not only mourn their death, but mourn who I was with them and all that would have been. Through their death, part of me and the world I knew also died. Please be patient with me as I work through all my losses:

Love of my love one
Loss of my ability to touch, to hear, to see, to smell them (sensory loss)
Loss of friends and family because they’re afraid of my pain
Loss of my connections with life (other people’s lives go in, mine has stopped)
Loss of family structure as I have known it
Loss of my loved one’s presence on holiday and special occasions
Loss in terms of who does what tasks – reorganization
Loss of financial stability
Loss of meaning in my life
Loss of motivation
Loss of caring – about anything
Loss of control and the illusion of having control
Loss of concentration
Loss of ability to cope
Loss of ability to make decisions – even minor ones
Loss of energy – grief is exhausting
Loss of health – including reduced resistance to infections – grief is stressful
Loss of sleep and/or loss of normal sleep patterns
Loss of normal eating patterns (eating too much or too little)
Loss of ability to function as I used to
Loss of emotional stability
Loss of being dependent on someone
Loss of old values – no new values to replace them yet
Loss due to change in priorities
Loss of feelings of safety for myself and my family
Loss of dreams of the future
Loss of feeling dependable
Loss of ability to give
Loss of feeling able to participate in life
Loss of feeling alive
Loss of feelings of pleasure or enjoyment of anything
Loss of ability to laugh
Loss of self-esteem
Loss of trust in self and others
Loss of self identity – who I am now?
Loss of feeling of fairness and justice in my world (why me?)
Loss of faith in God

Grief is work. Please help me to be patient and gentle with myself as I begin my healing process
I need you to be part of my healing.