To our little grandson, Georgie
In memory of Thomas George Stoffel II November 23, 1994 
If only we could talk to you and hold you in our arms.
We wonder what it feels like to be wrapped up in angels wings,
or how it felt to be carried to heaven in God’s arms.
And to have that wonderful feeling of touching God’s face.
We picture you in Jesus arms with angels all around you.
We see you in all that is beautiful in our world.
When we see a white cloud go by, we wonder “Is that our little Georgie
sleeping in that big fluffy cloud?” How does it feel to sleep in a cloud?
Or, “Which star are you at night, brightly shining down on us?”
Or, when we see a butterfly flying around, we wonder if that’s you.
Or, are you a hummingbird looking in at us.
Will you grow up in heaven and become a handsome young man?
Or, will you still be our tiny baby boy when we meet once more?
Little, precious Georgie, is great-grandpa with you?
Mommy, auntie, grandpa and grandma are only away from you for a
little while. Then we will ride on the clouds as a family again.
So, for now, precious little one, “Wrap yourself in angels’ wings”
until we are with you again.

All our love
Grandpa and Grandma