Our Guardian Angel
Dale M. Gonzales 
In memory of our daughter, Alexandra Eliza 

I do not know when I first began to sense that there was a presence of someone close to me, even though no one was around.

I did dream of Alexandra approximately three months after she was stillborn. In the dream were two very special people, Alexandra and my Dad, who passed away in 1987. He was the type of man who loved children. He could not wait until my wife and I had our children.

In my dream, he was kneeling down on one knee and embracing Alexandra; upon his face was a huge smile. He did not verbally say anything, but I could sense that he was telling me, everything is alright, I am taking care of her.

I haven’t dreamed of Alexandra again; however, I have experienced something more special – a loving presence.

The presence brings feeling of warmth and comfort. I can’t explain how I know, but my heart tells me it is Alexandra. I find myself conversing with her as though she were alive and here with me.

It doesn’t happen all the time, and there are no special circumstances which trigger it. However, when it does happen, I enjoy it.

I never really believed in angels or in the supernatural; I do believe there is a God, a supreme being. Now that I experience this warm feeling, I believe in guardian angels; I know that Alexandra is our guardian angel watching over us.
In memory of our daughter, Alexandra Eliza Stillborn on September 30, 1992
(38 weeks/2 days)