Keila Marie
By Nora Orlando 
You will forever stay in my heart, soul and thoughts… How can I let go? I had so many dreams for a brighter future with LJ and you… I find myself immersed in thoughts and feelings beyond imaginable. And now, it’s your One Year Anniversary; It feels like only yesterday that your body and mine were intertwined as one. You gave me joy and inspiration. You brought me such happiness, peace and serenity, that every month I had with you made me more eager for your arrival, your Birth Day… I was filled with so many feelings and dreams, only to find out that they would never come to be… And now, I only have two dreams. In one, LJ and I walk off into the sunset. In the other dream, Heaven has a “Glorious Celebration” of our unity again and this time forevermore…

Everlasting in my heart,