What Was That Sigh?
By Mary VanBockern 
What was that sigh about?
My husband asked me from the other room.
Did I sigh?
I must have. I sigh a lot now.
What was that sigh about?
I guess I was thinking how I wish
I could run away and hide. I wish
I didn’t have to face “life.”
What was that sigh about?
I don’t want to be grown up anymore.
It hurts too much.
Can I please be a little girl again?
I want to be protected, worry-free,
still believing in happily-ever-afters!
What was that sigh about?
A deep breath to regroup, to pull
myself together. To keep trudging through
my daily chores. To make the monumental
effort to set the table for supper
still minus one plate.
What was that sigh about?’
A sigh of resignation: This is my life
now. The rest of my life without
my little girl.