My Special Angel Sis
By Jillian Brown, age 7 
For Bonnie 
My name is Jillian and I am seven.
I have a sister who is up in heaven.
Bonnie is an angel. She is eight years old.
I will someday see her, this is what I’m told.
I want her on earth. I want her here.
I would be so happy if she was near.
I’m lucky to have an angel, that’s what they say.
But I want a sister here with me today.
We would laugh and never gith,
From morning sun till dark at night
We’d eat ice-cream and go catch frogs,
and look for critters under logs.
We would play Barbies, we would play house,
We would help kitty to catch a mouse!!!
We would be careful and watch out for cars,
we would chew gum and eat candy barfs.
Bonnie has a halo and she can really fly!
I really really wish she didn’t have to die.
I want to hug her and give her a kiss.
She’s my special angel Sis.
The end.