Suzanne Marie
Scott Stouffer - Daddy 
in memory of Suzanne Marie Stouffer 
You are our rose bud, a perfectly formed flower that never got the chance to bloom. We saw innocence in your sweet little hands and feet, and in love with your beautiful face. Although we only knew you for a short time, the depth of our love for you is immense and ev¬erlasting.

We say goodbye knowing that you are in the arms of God and loved ones who have gone before you. You have gone from the safety and security of your mother’s womb to the serenity of heaven. Your mom and dad only hope you felt the depth of our love for you and the dreams we conceived of your future. We take comfort in the fact that you are safe and know peace, yet we mourn the things we missed-the color of your eyes, a smile on your lips, a laugh, a cry, your perfect little hand clutching ours, your first word. First step, and hugs and kisses. These simple little things we took for granted just days ago will have to wait until we see you again in heaven.

As days turn into weeks and months, the pain will subside, but we will keep you alive in our hearts and memories. Our lives will return to normal and we will try again to make a family here on earth. Someday, we will have to tell a brother or sister about their big sister who will watch over them, love them and keep them safe.

Goodbye sweet one and sleep well, you will always be in our hearts.

We will always love you,
Mom and Dad
Written in memory of Suzanne Marie Stouffer, stillborn October 10, 2003 by her dad, Scott Stouffer